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The decision of an American to survive a year only with discount couponsis the tip of the iceberg of a new phenomenon that is spreading strongly in the US, the couponing , which has already jumped from the street to the blogosphere and television.

A plane ride, a massage session in a spa, or yoga classes at half price would be totally dispensable activities in principle. But everything changes when they can be achieved with a 50% discount.

This is how the logic of coupons works, a real phenomenon in the US that, although it starts to be exported to other places, lives with more fervor and eccentricity in this country than anywhere else.

Not in vain, this nation is the one that has given birth to the first man to survive a year only based on coupons and the first television contest devoted to this noble profession.

Unlikely adventure

Josh Stevens , an unemployed accountant from Chicago , started an almost unlikely adventure for almost a year now: trying to stay for 365 days with the only support of coupons and other people’s generosity.

At the moment, it is getting there, and there is very little left to conclude its feat, to which Groupon is contributing , the portal with which it contracted the commitment to carry out such a feat and the banner par excellence of the discount pages of USA.

Enter the mail and wait for promotions

How do these types of websites work? The mechanics are as simple as entering the email address on the page and waiting to receive promotions.

Every day new discounts appear that expire in a matter of hours, so you have to hurry up and print the offers that are of interest.

Show this document is enough to access bargains in the chosen premises , whether restaurants, gyms or amusement parks.

Directed to mothers

On the other hand, in the American blogosphere do not stop appearing blogs addressed to mothers , heads of families , with countless tips and strategies to adjust the household budget, especially in times of economic crisis.

These are web pages written by women and for women in which every day they offer suggestions to fill the pantry for half the price until bargain notices to buy clothes for the whole family without the pocket being damaged.

Two of the most demanded are and . The latter is the creation of a Hispanic mother named Denisse Icaza who not only helps her readers to save money but also advises them on all kinds of tools to be in contact with their relatives in Latin America for free.

Discount Teachers

The desire to perfect the skills in this art of couponing is such that some of the blogs, such as , offer virtual classes to become a master of discounts.

The voucher for coupons has even led to a television program, Extreme Couponing , which is broadcast on the TLC Channel and serves as a platform for discount magicians to publicly explain their latest discoveries and tricks.

The art of the coupon has reached the level of discipline on this side of the pond, in such a way that in some logs, tasks to do at home are recommended, as “duties” of the good offers diver.

Offers in newspapers

“This is your task: on Sunday you have to buy at least five newspapers that contain coupons Organize well Read the documents on planning strategies”, says one of these pages.

Groupon giant offers discounts in all types of establishments and services, but there are other specialized pages, among which the most abundant are those of restaurant offers, such as .

What they all have in common, without exception, is the philosophy: “money does not fall from the sky”, or as the anglophones say, translated literally, “money does not grow on trees”.