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The tips you will find below will not only teach you how to save money, but in the long term, improve your personal finances.

To achieve your financial goals it is necessary to learn how to save money , and more in today’s society, where young people are surrounded by a host of attractions that are of great importance to them.

From the current trends in clothing, social status and night spots to frequent, it is difficult to know how to manage your money and save a percentage of your income.

What motivates young people to learn how to save money?

In some cases, when they decide to save money, it is to satisfy these same tastes that are part of their daily lives.

Many times the savings can also be guided by staying in their studies or as a better way to assume the early adult life that leads to the completion of university studies and moving away from home.

Regardless of the reasons you have to learn how to save money , you should know that this will determine your future.

If you have saved capital, you can take a path, trace a goal with short or medium term objectives and materialize your dreams.

Learning how to save money provides you with much of the satisfaction of looking back and realizing that although you limited yourself to doing several things in your daily life, that decision has helped you to realize different projects.

Which range from a new venture, be it a cheap franchise , carry out a personal project, travel and know your favorite country, learn another language, among many more enriching activities.

What do we spend our money on uselessly?

Before mentioning the practical tips to learn how to save money , first let’s look at what we spend our money on uselessly.

Many times we think that our economic situation is due to the little we earn; and we swear that when we earn more money, we will change so many bad habits that led us to the situation in which we find ourselves.

So, to start improving your personal finances without having to generate new income, check if any of these 30 ways to spend money identifies you and modify them, so you will start saving a part of your resources:

1. Buy recognized brands when you have the alternative of buying the “white label” of the supermarket. Normally it is the same product packed with different brand. In many occasions they are selling you the brand, not the product as such.

2. Not knowing how to change things in your car without having to take it to the dealer . Like brands, dealers charge you high prices for a simple oil change. This kind of thing is what you have to learn.

3. If you want to spend more money uselessly you can go to buy food at the supermarket when you are hungry or have a lot of time.

4. Buy bottles of water and chips in the cafeteria, when you can have a thermos of water and fill it from the tap and buy the chips in quantities in a supermarket.

5. Throw food that has expired theoretically . When you store your food in good condition in your refrigerator, it usually lasts longer than it says on the expiration date.

6. Pay for television cable that you do not use. Seriously, what are you doing paying for so many channels when you barely turn on your TV and see the same three channels?

7. Pay small sums of money with your credit card. You lose the notion of money and it seems to you that every purchase is insignificant, the problem is that there are hundreds of them. This is one of the most common mistakes you make with your credit card .

8. Not know each cost and commission charged by the bank , from the cost to withdraw money to the commission for having it in an account. Do not know that the interest rate on your credit card is extremely high, pay very distant fees because “this makes it easier to pay”

9. Live in a space too large that you have to “fill” with things that you do not need and that are expensive.

10. Buy apps and spend money buying gadgets inside your cell phone that you hardly use. You think that with those applications you will be more productive.