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11. Ignore the witness of your car that says you have the tires without enough air. In case you do not know it, the flat tires consume more gasoline and get damaged faster.

12. Think you know how you save money because you use coupons to buy things you do not need. The fact that it is a promotion does not mean that you have to buy it, and more when you do not need it.

13. Buy the latest trends and clothing collections. There are cheaper alternatives in stores that have balances. Find the outlets in your city where the brands wear the clothes of past seasons.

14. Do not take care of yourself in a preventive way. Do not visit the dentist, take care of your skin and not have healthy and hygienic habits in general. If you do not believe in this, look at how much the treatments and medicines cost.

15. Buy products based on your sale promise. Do not be a victim of a good marketing strategy. These products will not take away 10 years of life, nor will they reduce you 5 centimeters of hip … and so many products.

16. Wash your clothes several times a week and do not accumulate a single batch to save water, soap and time. As much as possible, do not use the dryer, which tends to damage clothes and is an enemy of your pocket with those bills of gas and electricity.

17. Stop buying energy drinks that affect your pocket, and more importantly, your physical condition. Have you ever read the contraindications of this type of drinks? If you feel tired, evaluate your sleeping habits , what you are doing that does not allow you to sleep well and therefore feel that way.

18. Buy disposable razors that do not last more than a week. It is preferable that you invest in a good one once, and not be every week with your face cut (in the case of men), or with your sensitive skin and hurt.

19. Do not load with a thermos for your water or a reusable rate for your coffee or hot drink. In the first case, you will be buying bottled water, having free options. And in the second, there are places that discount the price of the glass, if you take yours.

20. Pay for individual coffee when you can prepare yours at home for free. This is one of the unnecessary expenses that impoverish you without realizing it . You do not know how much money you can save if you decide to make coffee at home.

21. Buy in small quantities those products that you know do not expire, or that you can save for a long period of time. This ends up coming out more expensive than buying them in large quantities.

22. Buy a lot of fruits, vegetables and vegetables that you know will be lost. In this type of products make sure you buy what is necessary. Not only will they be fresher, but you will save money.

23. If you are not using the discounts you have for being a student, for being part of a community, for having a subscription to the newspaper, you are not yet applying the practical tips to know how to save money. In each establishment ask what discount program they handle.

24. Buy finished products, packed or prepared in the supermarket that you can buy in another way. This type of products that have some “added value” are made to maximize the profitability of the supermarkets, not to make your life easier.