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25. Not having a cell phone plan and rather recharge it every time you run out of balance. If you do the accounts, you are paying a much better monthly plan than what you buy in each package.

26. When you leave your electronic devices at home, they continue to consume energy, so you are not using them … you continue spending money uselessly.

27. Putting gasoline in your car in the day, and not the night, makes it have a lower performance. It is proven that during the day it tends to evaporate with heat, therefore your money is evaporating.

28. Leave the payment of your credit card for the deadline, which is usually passed and end up paying interest arrears that are the highest in the market.

29. Have several credit cards, which not only increase your level of indebtedness, but also imply higher management fees.

30. One of the worst mistakes is not knowing how to manage your money , not saving, and in general, not having financial planning. If you live day to day, with the income you have, and without a clear objective, you will never achieve your financial independence.

How to save money to face economic difficulties:

Once you consider the useless ways to earn your money, it is time to develop a strategy that will help you learn how to save money.

It is very important to generate a saving lifestyle that prepares you in less favorable economic situations.

For example, keeping a quantity of money stored for any unforeseen event that may happen, will give you some peace of mind regarding the future and at a social level will generate great economic stability.

When you understand how to save money, your relationship and perspective on money changes; You will know how to get out of debt and you will be able to fulfill many of your responsibilities.

That is why it is beneficial to create strategies and tricks to save money. There are several ways in which you can acquire money, one of which is saving a part of the money you earn or investing this money so that it can multiply or at least double its value.

If you also consider that the money you earn is not enough to raise and live; Extend your skills and get the most out of them by earning extra money in your free time ,

For example, if you are good at your math class you can create a study group and charge a percentage for preparing others in this area and that money would serve as the basis for learning how to save money.

In addition, there are many possibilities to earn money online by doing something that you are passionate about.

Practical tips to start saving money quickly:

31. Open a savings account :

Go to the nearest banking agency and open a savings account, this account will generate interest that will increase the money in the account.

You must take into account that this account should not be the same as that used to pay for the departure of one night, the university fee or the expenses of the month.

Every time you can, add some money to this account, even if it is minimal, and you will see long-term results. Learning how to save money means recognizing that this is a strategy that requires years.

32. Explain how to save money to your friends:

If you have already understood that saving money generates great benefits in the medium and long term, tell them with your friends.

It is also important for personal growth to be surrounded by the type of friends  who are in the same order of ideas, so you can talk to your core of closest friends.

A good idea is to divide the expenses when going out on a night out, frequenting cheaper places or can agree to reduce exits and replace them with other activities.

33. Sell the clothes in good condition that you do not use:

This applies to both men and women. If for you it is of great importance to be innovating in costumes, do not let yourself be carried away by the illusion of leaving in your closet some garment that you probably would not use again in another moment of your life, better sell it and save that money.

In fact, you could sell many other things that are in good condition and that could be of interest to others, in this way you would generate a first fund to start saving quite intelligently.

34. Buy wholesale what you normally use:

Depending on the inflation rate of the country where you live, it may be a good idea to buy the same product several times before the price increases.

Take the account of how long these most used products last and buy the largest, it is quite likely that you can get a cheaper price.

If you think that 12 units or more is too much for you, you can agree with family and friends to buy these items, so that everyone can cover the need to have them paying much less, since the payment will be made by all in equal parts .

35. Be more productive:

Being more productive and cunning generate strategies that become works. These works in turn generate income and this income can be part of your savings plan.

Never stop devising strategies for your creation of your financial freedom , but above all do not stop believing in your capacity for entrepreneurship and personal security.

If you are learning how to save money for something important, you can work part time somewhere, do gardening and DIY jobs on weekends or you can also generate income with any of the jobs from home that exist.

The most important thing is that you distribute your time well to earn extra money and be able to save it.

36. Invest to multiply the money you have saved:

A good way to increase your savings funds is by investing in everything you consider that you can achieve a good remuneration in the future.

It is essential that you learn how to invest your money .

You can make loans charging interest, or you can participate in a crowdfunding project as an investor in exchange for a monetary gain or actions that may be worth a lot of money in the future.

Remember that learning how to save money is a vision of life that feeds on habits and perseverance on a daily basis, so to achieve this you must have clear priorities and address them with perseverance and patience.

Additionally, we want to leave you with more than 40 practical tips, which maybe you did not know to learn how to save your money quickly.

As we mentioned at the beginning, to learn how to save money , there are only two ways to put more money in our pocket:

Generate new sources of income or start spending less money.

If you are currently in a position of not being able to earn more money, these tips on how to save money can be very useful.

From being more practical with your diet to changing your mentality about personal finances, here are many easy ways to save money .

How to save money and stop spending easily:

37. Plan and cook your own food: Eating on the street involves a lot of money.

38. Clean your refrigerator and dispense: You will surely find food in good condition that you did not know existed.