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39. Buy in large quantities what you normally use : If you want to learn how to save moneyon food, choose to buy in large quantities. This will reduce the unit price.

40. Opt for non-canned foods: Fresh and grain products are usually cheaper and healthier than canned ones.

41. Use coupons: It’s easy to forget the coupons you’ve cut and left at home, rather use mobile apps for this, and the question of how to save money becomes easier.

42. Try the supermarket brand: If you like the taste of the brand, stick to it and you’ll save money.

43. Stop buying microwave food: The prices are astronomical, with the same money you could make more and better food.

44. Do not buy more food than you can use or store: Bouncing food is the same as dumping the silver.

45. Use a slow cooker: Put some vegetables, beans and meat and you will have lunches and meals for the whole week.

46. ​​Prepare your own coffee: Those $ 2 and $ 4 coffees weigh your pocket. While you will not learn how to be a millionaire by not buying coffee, if you can use this money for other purposes.

47. Take your lunch to work: You’ll stop spending half your budget for lunch if you start cooking it.

48. Stop buying bottled water: Use a plastic glass or bottle that can be reused. Not only will you contribute to the planet, you will also stop spending money unnecessarily .

49. Avoid going out at night: Each alcoholic beverage can add $ 10 more to your bill, and a night out at a disco or bar can be worth $ 50.

50. Dodge your favorite stores : Stop giving them a “look”, visit their online store or subscribe to their emails. You are less likely to buy something if you have never seen it before.

51. Monitor your monthly expenses: Use applications that help you with this or keep the account to define how to save money you spend unnecessarily.

In the same way, it uses technology to generate new sources of income. For example, here are 30 ways to earn money online .

52. Set objectives: If you have a savings plan for your emergency fund, you will probably think twice before spending it.