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53. Buy quality products: If you save a few pesos on the important things, in the long term you will spend twice as much. Spending $ 30 dollars every three months on a pair of shoes could be replaced by about $ 60 once a year.

54. Think about your expenses in hours and not dollars: If you earn $ 10 dollars per hour, buying a coffee for $ 2 dollars is equivalent to 12 minutes of your life; You will understand that it is not worth it.

55. Compare prices on the internet: If there is something you really want to buy but it is very expensive, you could find it used and in good condition, and relatively much cheaper, in electronic stores.

56. Before buying something, ask yourself: what impact will this purchase have on my life ?: You will surely control and terminate your impulse.

57. Change the frequencies that you enjoy : Instead of giving them each day, change the frequency. For example, if you like a coffee shop a lot, do not visit it every day, go weekly; If you like movies, go once a month.

58. Save half of your check: It will force you and teach you to live with much less money.

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59. Always pay your credit card at the end of each month: This way you will avoid paying interest and it will give you the habit of living with what you have. Learning how to save money means that you know your consumption habits.

60. Program the automatic payments of your accounts: You will never have to pay charges or interest for not paying on time.

61. Activate alerts for your debit and credit cards that are sent to your cell phone:  Help with your security and avoid spending the money completely.

62. Before buying something that has a discount, ask yourself, would you buy it if you do not have it ?: If you are buying something because it is discounted, you probably do not need it.

63. Invest your money where you spend your time, the rest cut it out: If you’re a broker, buy good tennis shoes; If you spend a lot of time driving, invest in your car.

This type of thinking moves away superficial things that do not add value to your life.

64. Wait at least two days before spending $ 50: You may not want it at this time, or you can just forget it.

65. Change the TV account by Netflix: There are many movies and TV shows to watch for just a few dollars. If you like to watch sports, visit a friend or go to a bar.

66. Ask your internet provider if you have discounts: This simple question will make your account down 20% or 30%.