Coupons, Coupon Codes, Discount Promotions

It’s time to start saving with discount coupons and since you made the decision to start saving, I congratulate you. If one of your decisions this year is to put your accounts in order, I recommend you start looking at a budget and create a savings fund for you and your family. The most important thing is to have control over your money and know exactly where it is going, this will help you start ensuring your financial future is our goal.

Here are simple steps to get started. Having coupons is the first thing you need to start but where are the coupons? How to start using them? They are the most important questions that they ask us every day. The tool you need is the Database  where you write the name of the product, click on “search” and it tells you where it is.

Today there are many options to get discount coupons, from coupons to print in the comfort of your home to electronic coupons that you can download to your devices like your cell phone, iPad, iPod touch and more. Also the loyalty cards that are provided by the Stores such as Walgreens, CVS, Kmart etc.

The best ways to find the best coupons are:

  • The weekly inserts that arrive in the newspapers of the United States. These inserts arrive every Sunday. HERE you can see the weekly calendar of 2018 . The inserts are SmartSource, RedPlum and P & G. With the services of Klip2Save , you only order the coupons you need. They charge you a few cents for the job of cutting the coupons, they are the best service and they ship super fast, my experience has been very good with them. It does not matter how much orders you pay for shipping $ 1.

Check your area to see what newspapers arrive in your area where these inserts arrive in each link

  • RetailMeNot Everyday – Use your address to see which newspapers arrive in your area
  • P & G – Enter your zip code to see the list of newspapers that offer this monthly book of coupons
  • SmartSource – You need to contact them directly by email HERE or by phone at 1-800-462-0852

Other options

  • RetailMeNot (formerly Red Plum)
  • Smart Source
  • P & G
  • Hopster
  • Target
  • All you Magazine – (MFG) Magazine that contains manufacturing coupons (Magazine with Manufacturer Coupons)
  • Balance Rewards – (RR) Walgreens Reward Program, money you receive back in a coupon (Register Rewards)
  • Blinkie-  Coupons that are in a small machine or small pad (pad) typically near the product in the aisles of stores, have a red light bulb, these Blinkies machines have motion sensor to access coupons when you pass near them
  • Catalina- Machines found in cash registers. These machines give you coupons
  • ECB- CVS Reward Program, you also use these rewards in your next purchase
  • Electronic coupons- Electronic coupons on your mobile phone called eCoupons
  • Ibotta – Receive refunds for purchasing on selected products
  • SavingStar – Receive refunds for purchasing on selected products
  • Checkout51 – Receive refunds for purchasing on selected products
  • W-IVC- Walgreens booklet coupons that you can combine with the manufacturer’s (Walgreens instant value coupon)

Know when and how to use coupons

The best of how to use coupons is always at the same time that the product is for sale, discount or other promotional offers to get the lowest possible price and to stock up on the necessary supplies for your family, saving the most. We always publish how to use coupons and when, in which store, all you have to do is visit us to see the daily offers that are published and learn how to do it.

When we have manufacturer and store coupons, for example: in Target, Publix, CVS, Walgreens we combine them to save much more. Although sometimes using a coupon without special is not bad, it is better to wait for discounts and offers. For example, there are times that CVS sends you a 25% coupon in products at regular price by email, because you take advantage of that coupon in products at regular price with manufacturer coupons. In this way you save a lot too.

Learn the clicks of sales in groceries Month by Month

HERE, as I explained before, I give you a demonstration of how to learn them and this helps a lot. Everyone always wants to know the lowest prices on groceries, it’s actually quite easy to understand. All of your favorite grocery items operate in a sales cycle all the time. This means that cereals such as Cheerios, Kellogg’s may have the full price this week, but next week it may be special and two weeks later it may reach the lowest price.

Always buy at the lowest price

If you learn the cycles of sales in groceries you will know when the sales are in your favorite products. If you wait as I explained to you that the products you want are discounted, you can get them the lowest price, especially if you combine it with a manufacturing coupon or a promotion from the store would be perfect.

How to save a lot more when you know how to use coupons

Do you know that some stores accept manufacturer coupons? YES! They do it, ask maybe you get a surprise. There are many ways to save in stores that you do not even know. This is one of the questions you should ask the store to take advantage of every opportunity to save, for example there are stores that double coupons, ask in your store if they double and if they do question up to how much in coupon value. For example, in the United States, Supermarkets Tops and Wegmans double coupons up to a value of .99 ¢ so if you are buying a product of $ 1.50 and for this product you have a coupon of $ 0.75 then these Stores double their value to $ 1.50 and it would come out FREE! It sounds good right? He also asks if there is a limit to using coupons to double and how many per day. Ask all those questions in your favorite stores.

Combine the coupons of the Shop with those of Manufacturing

As I explained earlier, some stores allow you to use store coupons in combination with the manufacturer’s coupon. This is to combine the coupons, for example some stores are Target, Walgreens and CVS among others. You can not use two manufacturer’s coupons in the same product, you can use the store’s coupon combination with the manufacturer’s coupon in a product.

Only you are in control

Cutting coupons, printing them or obtaining rebates for mobile applications is a very important part of saving in your supermarket or store. You have absolute control of what you will pay in your purchases anywhere in the stores or online that as I explain before the tips on how to save on your purchases online , this gives you control of what you pay for your shopping instead of stores controlling your prices. The best of all is to feel that we have control over what we spend when we buy intelligently for the economic progress of our families.


When buying in quantities and storing some products does not mean that you are converting your house into a supermarket but that your Family is ready for any emergency, whether a member is out of work or a natural disaster happens sometimes! The money you saved can be used for other things that you also need to pay.

I hope I could have helped you have a clearer idea than how to use coupons. If you have some other ideas or advice, please comment below so that other people can benefit too.