Coupons, Coupon Codes, Discount Promotions

With so many facilities there are no excuses not to save. Starting with the weekend of Memorial weekend that is just around the corner.
One of the best ways to help us follow a monthly budget is the use of discount coupons. Most stores in the United States promote its use in order to move the merchandise and make life easier and less expensive for its most loyal consumers.

What is a coupon and how does it work?

The coupon is a printed material that is included in the packaging or product packaging or other communication medium by which the consumer can exchange a gift or obtain a discount on the product. (Wikipedia)

Originally the coupons were only on paper and you could use them only in the store for which they were printed, today there are endless possibilities with the arrival of smartphones and their wonderful “apps”, which you can download to your phone and redeem when you pay in the store box.

Here are 6 small tips to use coupons and save a few dollars:

  • Nowadays almost all stores ask you if you want to subscribe to your list by giving your name and email, in exchange they will electronically send you promotions with coupons and the discounts of the moment
  • Use an old email where you get only the coupons, sometimes there are many and are confused with your important emails
  • Look forward to the arrival of the much promoted “Holidays”, most stores give the best deals in those days and the savings is fantastic
  • If you have a “Smart Phone” you can download the application of the store of your preference, look for the discount coupons they offer and redeem it when you pay in the box
  • Stores like Walmart and Target offer in their application the option of doing a scan of your receipt and they compare it with similar stores nearby that offer the same products and if one has it cheaper they return the difference in credit to use in the store
  • In addition to the specific apps of the stores, there are also only coupons like:, from your phone you must choose the coupon you want to use and print it and then take it to the store. Here you can find an extensive range of products and use in your market or store of preference.

I confess that one of the American customs that cost me the most is the use of coupons, I always end up with 40 pieces of paper in the portfolio of different stores and when I finally use them they are expired. So this summer I decided to organize myself and use them both in the Publix and in my favorite mall stores.

With so many facilities there are no excuses not to save. Starting with the weekend of Memorial weekend that is just around the corner, I have my list of everything I need and my coupons in … ready, set, go!