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For some, cutting out coupons has become a hobby while others have found that with these savings they can continue to support their family even if they have lost their jobs.

MIAMI, Florida – For some, cutting out coupons has become a hobby while others have found that with these savings they can continue to support their family even if they have lost their jobs during the economic crisis. To start using coupons efficiently follow the following tips.

1.-Gather Coupons

to. Newspapers : Subscribe to a weekend newspaper. On Sunday come the coupon magazines. You can ask family members, service stations and cafeterias to keep coupons from newspapers that do not sell.  

b. Internet : There are sites like ,   and where you can print coupons. Sometimes there are limits on how many of these coupons you can print but if you have more than one computer you can increase the number of coupons you print. If these sites do not have coupons for the products or services you need, you can buy coupons on pages like or  

c. Mail: Contact your favorite stores or manufacturers and sign up for their distribution lists. They will send you discounts or even coupons for free products. In many occasions you can combine the coupons of the manufacturers with coupons from stores for the same product. It depends on the rules of the stores.   

d. Cell Phones: There are applications for smartphones such as and where you can get coupons and bar codes on your same phone that only scans in stores to receive discounts.  

and. Supermarkets / Stores: The same stores have coupons or coupon dispensers in their weekly magazines that you can use.  

F. Social Networks: Many stores and manufacturers give you coupons that you can register if you become a fan of your social networking pages like Facebook. You just have to go and press the “Like” button and they give you a coupon to print.    

2- Use More Efficiently to Get organized: Buy a special wallet, case or wallet to separate the coupons by category.    

b. Plan: See what offers and coupons will come in the Sunday newspaper. You will find an advance on sites like .  

c. Combine: You can combine coupons from manufacturers with store coupons. Target, for example, allows you to combine a coupon of them with one of the manufacturer for the same product. You can also combine coupons with offers from stores, which in English are called “Matchups.” There are sites such as where they tell you what promotions are offered by the stores that you can combine with a coupon to take products that are extremely cheap or even free.   

d. Duplicate them: In some parts of the country certain supermarkets offer days where they double the value of the coupons, that is, if they have a coupon of one dollar, they double it to two dollars of rebate.   

and. Anticipate: If you see that you are going to place a product on offer and have coupons that will make it extremely cheap or even free, ask your store to stock up, that is, ask for the number of products in advance to make sure they do not run out. If some stores sell out they offer the so-called “Rainchecks” where they give you a receipt that says they have the right to buy that product at the reduced price when it returns to the shelves.  

F. Check the Offers: See online what products are for sale and compare them with the coupons you have to see if you can make your own Match-up. Some stores allow you to use competitive coupons.    

g. Find out the Rules of the Shops:  

– Do they have a limit of coupons that can be used per purchase?

– Do they have a limit on the number of coupons that can be used?

– Do they allow you to double the value of the coupons and how much is the maximum value you can have?

– Is there a limit of coupons that can double?

– Do you accept expired coupons? It’s weird but some stores allow coupons dated 3 months ago.

– If the coupon exceeds the product price do they give you that credit?

– Do you have any restrictions regarding coupons that we print from the Internet?